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This is a free service for those that want to watch and share hunting and fishing related videos and pictures.  Videos that are posted containing mostly PROMOTIONAL footage will be removed unless other permissions have been granted through additional authorization.  

What are the general rules for uploading on SETXHUNTER?

Upon registration to the site the user (you) will be directed to your personal "my page".  Your personal "my page" features include

        *Upload pictures and videos

         *Edit user uploaded content

         *Edit personal content

         *Navigate to all content areas (Classifieds, forum, guide and outfitters, Pro shop)

        *Other (Updates pending)

User data is recorded in the home page of the site as a "latest posted photo" or "latest posted video". Content in this area is free of advertising media and edited for content at the web owner’s discretion to ensure the site stays age appropriate focusing on promoting youth in the outdoors while maintaining a technology based educational tool.  Items listed in other areas of the site such as guide and outfitters, classifieds, forum; will not be sorted by an individual's tracking preferences at this time.

Update Pending: 

The default setting for a new user account will be to track all users at first. The individual user will then choose which members in their home feed they choose to track or turn off. Once members are turned off they cannot be turned back on again until search result has prompted your approval. (update pending)

Update Pending:

The user will be allowed to choose from their personal list of tracked members those which they would like to include in their "Blind". "The Blind" feature will limit content loaded to only those members chosen in the users personal blind.



Each new account receives one free classified ad per month. Your free ad will run for thirty days and then be removed. The user will receive one free ad at the completion of each thirty day ad cycle. If more than one free ad a month is requested, the user will be charged $5 for each additional ad posting within the thirty day month cycle of the original ad. Ad posting is done within the classified section of the site. Each classified ad is reviewed prior to posting to ensure proper site guidelines are followed.

Setxhunter is owned and operated as the sole proprietorship of SoutheastTexasHunter LLC.  If you are interested in becoming a partner, Please contact us directly to Email@setxhunter.com.

We try to keep Setxhunter.com as "free" as possible but there are certain criteria an upload must meet. We will reject and / or delete media which breaks the following rules.

  1. Media which we deem to be the glorification of graphic violence or graphic content such as graphic compilations or graphic media with insufficient information.
  2. Media which is deemed to be illegal in the United States of America including, but not limited to child pornography or bestiality. In these cases the media will be removed, your account will be banned, and any information we have will be passed on to the relevant authorities.
  3. Uploads showing the poster involved in criminal activity.
  4. Spam or advertising media. Setxhunter.com is supported by advertising so if you wish to advertise please contact us.
  5. Soft- and hardcore pornography. We do not host soft-core or hardcore pornography of any kind.
  6. Videos or images depicting nudity for the purposes of / created for titillation or sexual gratification are not acceptable. This is due to several issues not least of which being age verification and copyright related. Nudity in anyway is not acceptable i.e.
  7. Media created to attack another member. This includes any media containing the personal information of another member of the site.
  8. Music. Unless you are the copyright holder we will reject any music videos including concert footage.
  9. Reposts of breaking items. If the site is being flooded with the same video we will reject reposts as we come across them.
  10. Please remember that Setxhunter.com is a privately owned website and we reserve the right to remove media without warning or notice.



What are the rules for commenting on Setxhunter?

We are aware that the nature of the site can sometimes lead to heated discussion. However we have to have some rules in place to retain some semblance of order to prevent threads being derailed.

  1. Flaming. "Flaming" or directly insulting fellow members will not be tolerated. Your comments will be removed, and you could get a warning (Please see below for "warnings"). Generalization is NOT considered a flame. If someone insults your country or your state this is not an excuse to insult them.
  2. Racial Slurs. Racial slurs are forbidden on Setxhunter.com. This is not down to political correctness or for fear of offending someone. The use of racial slurs leads to further arguments, places the site under undue scrutiny, and generally smacks of ignorance. We are aware some people have vastly different ideas on race then others; we are not trying to tell you how to think. We are merely asking you voice your opinions within our rules.
  3. Private information. The posting of private information is forbidden. Any member found sharing other members personal information on this site (Full name, phone number, address, etc.) runs the risk of being banned. Even if this information is freely available elsewhere on the internet members will not bring it into Setxhunter nor link to it.
  4. Trolling. Deliberately making post after post with the sole intent of disrupting the site will result in your account, and possibly any future accounts, being banned without warning
  5. Spamming. Advertising (without the prior agreement of Setxhunter.com), making the same comments over and over, or the continuous use of pointless single character posts and the like will be treated as spam.6. Setxhunter will take precautions to ensure profanity is not allowed on the site. Please do not deliberately misspell words to defeat the filter, all you are doing is imposing your will on fellow members and you run the risk of warnings / a ban. Please remember that SETXHunter.com is a privately owned website and we reserve the right to remove comments without warning or notice.

What are the rules for posting in the forums?

You will find the forum rules posted in the information section of the forums. We encourage you to read them before posting.

If I get banned on the main site/ in comments / on the forums am I banned everywhere on Setxhunter?

At this point in time we often treat the three sections as independent entities. That being said we reserve the right to disable user accounts on all sections of Setxhunter.com

What about my freedom of speech?

On Setxhunter.com we endeavor to always support our member's freedom of thought, and to some extent, speech. We are not here to tell you how to think or what your opinions of others should be. At the same time we have to operate a site with a very diverse user base. All we ask of our members is that you exercise some self-moderation when it comes to voicing your opinions. Certain expressions and insults do nothing but derail threads and cause a snowball effect. On Setxhunter.com you will meet people from all corners of the globe and differing viewpoints to yourself. Whilst this can often lead to heated debate we encourage our members to enjoy these differences and perhaps learn from them. Just do so within our rules.

Is setxhunter.com biased?  

As an organization Setxhunter.com has no political or ideological bias or affiliation. Careful checks and balances are in place to ensure our organization operates in as unbiased a manner as is possible. Believe us when we say that your opinion is not something that will ever see you censored on Setxhunter unless you break our rules to put that opinion across. 

You changed the title/description of my video. Isn't that censorship?

On occasion it might be necessary for staff members to alter the title and/or description of a media item. This is not censorship based on our feelings or personal beliefs. We believe members should let the media do the talking- making your point with defamatory and sometimes libelous titling /descriptions can do far more harm than good. Try to be as un-biased as you can with your titles and descriptions, information is not made more powerful by an editorial created to agitate members.

Why do you reject media?

Setxhunter.com reserves the right to reject media for public viewing at the staff members' discretion. We have set high standards with our staff when it comes to impartiality. If you think you have had media unfairly rejected, we ask that you contact Setxhunter and we will investigate your claim.

Rejected media is not deleted. You can still share the links and have it viewable to the outside world. It merely means that your media was not deemed suitable for the public areas of the site. There are several reasons for this, your post could be a recent repost or material which cannot (or should not) be shown publicly. 

Why was my media deleted?

On rare occasions we have to delete certain media. This means the media is no longer available to view to the public even with a direct link. Situations which might lead to deletion include, but are not limited to:

  • Pornography
  • Nudity of any kind
  • Illegal media
  • Media designed to harass or flame fellow members
  • Glorification of death (Gory scenes with no explanation and / or set to music)
  • Media deemed to be a threat to the website.
  • Copyright complaints

Please remember, despite our aim to be as uncensored as possible Setxhunter.com is a privately owned site. As such we reserve the right to remove any media, comments, or material deemed necessary without prior notice.

I'm not happy with some aspect of the site. Who do I complain to? 

If something has caused you to be unhappy with Setxhunter.com and you cannot find the answer in the FAQs you are free to submit a claim for review. Please be aware that the review system is the last line. If you are still unhappy with any decision after a review has been closed there really is no other avenue for complaint. We will at every point endeavor to find solutions to our members’ problems but it has to be kept in mind that we will always act in the best interests of the site as a whole.

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