For over 20 years, our mission here at The Drake Plantation has been to provide our customers with the best hunting experience Southeast Texas has to offer. Regardless of the game you are pursuing, our guides do their best not only to make your hunt successful, but enjoyable as well.

We offer guided waterfowl hunting in some of the best habitat this country has to offer. Hundreds of thousands of birds including snow geese, speckled bellies, and pintail call the Winnie area their wintering grounds along with several other species of the web-footed variety. Our holes are setup with blinds that keep your comfort in mind, while concealing you from the eyes of weary birds as we work them into range.

We also offer guided dove hunting, as the farmland in the area hosts a considerable population. Our fields draw in large numbers of birds and make for many successful hunts. We have expanded our dove hunting operation in the past few years and have created more of these setups.

Brian Fischer


Cell: (409) 656-5765

Home: (409) 296-9452


The Drake Plantation

P. O. Box 60

Winnie, TX 77665



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