Capt. Joshua Davis

Fully Permitted Gulf of Mexico Charter Captain

Licensed USCG Captain

Licensed TDH EMT

Certified Advanced Rescue Diver

Certified Firefighter

Full Charter boat insurance

Capt. Davis is a native to the area and has been fishing the local rivers, marshes and offshore waters of the Gulf of Mexico for over twenty years. He owned his first motorized vessel at the age of 13 and was getting around in a canoe before that, using his father's houseboat as a base station to fish and explore the vast Sabine/Neches Delta. He became a certified scuba diver at the age of 12 and was fascinated by the abundance of marine life using oilrigs as habitat. His countless logged hours of diving have helped him understand fish feeding habits and behaviors. At the age of 19 Capt. Davis enlisted in the U.S. Navy and left the area for four years to strengthen his knowledge of the sea. Upon return in 1999 he went right back to what he knows best; fishing & diving the upper Gulf Coast! He has a vast knowledge of the local area (charted & uncharted). When you step aboard a vessel with Capt. Davis at the helm you can be assured you are in the hands of a knowledgeable and qualified Captain.

Offshore fishing and Diving

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