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Check out this monster catch!!!

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Here is a huge skate pulled from the waters in Florida. Catch and release is an important aspect of healthy eco-systems. This activity is used to keep the overharvest of stocks at a minimum. Growing fishing pressure, by the increase in the numbers of individuals t ...

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Pound it! Have you ever dreamed of a world-class hunt that you couldn't afford? Hunting and fishing trips these days can be very expensive and even out of reach for many outdoorsman. Thousands of these hunting and fishing trips are swapped each year. By li ...

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Injured Buck

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This is a buck that I shot and his nose was completely shattered as you can see. This poor guy was hurting bad so I went ahead and took him. He really wasn’t eating, just walking around with other deer. Whatever he hit (or hit him) was from his left side. His nose, ja ...

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Proud father.

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Keely washing off a cleaned buck. I'm proud of her for having a loving respect for animals and also the fact she isn’t afraid to get in there and help clean/process all kinds of harvested game. She loves every minute and every part of the deer lease.

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