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Orange Flood Warning

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The City of Orange is monitoring the Sabine River flood stage. As of 2:00 pm, the National Weather Service predicts up to seven (7) feet of water in the Sabine River, which may impact streets and structures in low lying areas. Lee Anne Brown, Orange Emergency Manageme ...

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Silent draw outdoors

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Shaine Reece of Silent Draw Outdoors posted, Monarchs of Saskatchewan ! You want to hunt amazing bucks, get a hold of me! You could be chasing these giants! http://www.silentdrawoutdoors.com/ https://www.linkedin.com/in/shaine-reece-709a628b?authType=name&authTok ...

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Texas Shrimpin

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I have seen some impressive numbers of shrimp being gathered by personal anglers in the past few weeks. Like the photo taken by a local fisherman out of Sabine lake. The implementation of different types of gathering devices has allowed for many enthusiastic fisherman t ...

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This week in Texas, Teal and dove hunters are in the field and on the water, and the South Zone dove hunters are gearing up for their opener September 18. Anglers along the coast are landing trout, and the redfish are beginning their fall frenzy. Bass anglers are ...

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HS Fishermen Compete at Rayburn

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www.kogt.com The TBF-FLW American Legion Sam Rayburn Open was held June 27-28. A team from Broaddus HS won the tournament with a 33-10 two day bag. Bridge City’s Riley Harris and Evan Champagne were 11th at 21-9. At 16th were Cam Potter and Colton Sterling at 19-9 ...

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Deep-Fried Duck Tongue

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"Duck tongue?" my housemate asked with her eyebrows furled. "I didn't know ducks had tongues!" For duck-tongue novices, the nature of the organ can elicit both confusion and curiosity. Why do ducks even possess tongues? Do they need them to quack? For lovers of t ...

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Texas Barbeque Crabs

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BBQ crabs were invented at Granger's in Sabine Pass, TX, during the late 1940's when one of their cooks seasoned a blue crab with some zestful seasoning and then deep fried it. The rest is history! Granger's, a once-popular Sabine Pass roadhouse, was destroyed by fir ...

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Hudson Team Claims SETX Season Finale

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Jasper, Tx May 17- Impending thunderstorms, high winds, and water were some of the obstacles Mother Nature threw at almost 340 SETX teams last Sunday as the SETX HS Fishing Association hosted their final qualifying event in the Ford Championship Series presented by Skee ...

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Bass Bank Fishing Tournaments in Texas

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Looking for some way you can compete in bass tournament fishing, but you don’t have a boat, or even if you do own a boat, the expense of tournament fishing is a little more than you can afford. There is a group that may have your answer – BassGrabbers. The BassGr ...

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SETX High School Fishing Tournament

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Bridge City Fishing Team members senior Trey Lee and junior Randy Underwood won the SETX High School Fishing Tournament this weekend held at Umphrey Pavilion on Lake Sam Rayburn. Trey, a senior, and Randy, a junior, brought 4 keepers to the scales weighing in at 16.96 l ...

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True Grit Stroy - Rack Magazine

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By Mike Handley Lesser men would’ve taken a road more easily traveled. Central New York had its whitest December on record in 2010. Even before Dec. 21, the first official day of winter, six feet of snow had fallen, and lots more came those last 10 days, the w ...

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Researchers just recently photographed this extremely cute, endangered mammal for the first time in 20 years

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Business Insider By Jessica Orwig March 20, 2015 6:08 PM This furry ball of cuteness is an endangered mammal closely related to rabbits and hares. The species was first discovered in 1983 and individuals have rarely been seen since. It was first spotted in ...

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We didn't catch anything yesterday, although we were able to meet a Pro angler at the dock. Thanks Mr. Lane for the free hardware. We will be cheering you on this weekend.

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Spot the wolf

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In the wild, one of the most efficient strategies for not getting eaten is to not be found in the first place. For predator and prey alike, knowing how to camouflage yourself is an absolute must for survival. It is an example that humans—while for the most part not as ...

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Local Hunter Education Course Scheduled

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Texas Parks & Wildlife Hunter Education Safety Class Wed & Thurs March 11 & 12 from 6:30 PM until 9:30 PM in Orangefield. Must attend both sessions. Certification is required if you are at least 17 years old and were born on or after Sept. 2, 1971 to hunt in Texas. You ...

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Avian- X Feeder Hen

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Avian- X Feeder Hen The Feeder Hen from Avian-X is one of the deadliest decoys you’ll find in the woods. This decoy works on so many levels to attract both gobblers and hens to your setup. I’ve never seen hens so calm and relaxed on the approach than when I’ve ...

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Deer Ka-bob's

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Here I have taken a roast and cubed the deer meet up and marinated. I also have taken large cubes of potato and softened them in the microwave. Place potato cubes on a microwave safe plate and heat on high for 8-10 min or until just tender. The potato's will be easier ...

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Calcasieu Lake Carolina rigging how to

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Maximizing success with Carolina rigs is all about the setup, Capt. Paul Davidson Jr. said. "I will stay with braid — 20-pound-test FINS Windtamer — with a 15-pound monofilament leader," Davidson said. "The leader will be 18 inches in length, and tied a swivel t ...

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Capt. Jerry Norris - Mr. Sabine Lake

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Louisiana Sportsman Article by Jerald Horst In this excerpt from Trout Masters Too: How the pros do it, Capt. Jerry Norris with The Original Sabine Lake Guide Service discusses how he rigs up to catch big specks in Louisiana's least-known saltwater fishing hole. ...

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Fishing with Caleb

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It was a slow day. Caleb landed a small croaker at Humphreys pier. There were a lot of people out there today enjoying the free fishing day. The mosquitoes were out for a free meal as well so we decided to head over to Richard Dowling park. There were groups of people t ...

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1986 Mark Stevenson with Ethel

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. Article retrieved from http://fishgame.com/2014/04/texas-biggest-bass/ Texas Biggest Bass FeaturesFish & Game Exclusives April 7, 2014 - No comments toyota_sharelunker_522_swank--david_campbell Article by Matt Williams Texas Fish and Gam ...

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Family Time

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I was able to bring my nephews on a late season hunt 1-18-14, along with my brother in law. It was a good morning of catching up. We had a few birds around us but none coming in to the decoys. Can't kill-em if you ain't out there! They seemed to enjoy the morning with s ...

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Morning goose hunt 1-5-14

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Had a good time over at the Drake Plantation. Chad, Bryce, Blaine, and I were able to get a few birds in even though they seemed to want to stay high. Quite a bit of sky busting on our part, but overall a successful hunt. We had to move around a bit and try several spot ...

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Birthday wishes and Duck popper dreams

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Went ahead and took the wife and little man out on a little hunting trip. It was her birthday today and we really had an interesting time. I was able to pull five out of there as a bonus. Had a good trip and the boy didn't want to leave. Great day in the blind!

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The first hunt

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This is the first time we had taken an animial together. Thanks to the lord for making this such a grand learning experience. We were able to talk about the value of a life and the importance of thanking the lord for the things he provides us.We discussed the death of t ...

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Sabine Lake Red

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A great red fish caught last year in the south end of the lake. I still remember thinking this was one of the nicest reds I had ever caught. Almost looks like a mount. Sure was good on the grill though!

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Deer Heart

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~ 1 deer heart, sliced into 1/2" slices ~ 2 tbsp butter ~ 1 large onion, sliced ~ salt and pepper Melt butter in a large skillet. Add the onions and saute over medium low heat until just tender. Add the meat and season to taste with salt and pepper. ...

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Catching up

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It was a great night on the water. The kids had fun, and the glow from the plant lights on the water at Sabine Pass made the night easy. We caught a bunch of small, between 12 and 13 inch, specks and no reds. There were a few hardheads pulled as well. It was fun catchi ...

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Taran Hebert's Videos

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Informational video. Welcome to Southeast Texas. https://youtu.be/TNgeuNEFee4?list=SRTexas%20Orange

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Tracer Cat

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Let’s face it, animals generally have way better reflexes than humans. After all, they have to survive in a world full of ways to get hurt, and even the slightest injury in the wild could mean the end. That said, we usually don’t expect wild animals to dodge bullets ...

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Squirrel Eating Antlers

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What Happens to Shed Antlers You Don’t Pick Up? Hunting for shed antlers is great fun and an easy way to get kids into the great outdoors. But there’s no way that shed hunters could collect every discarded antler in the woods, could they? So what happens to those ...

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I took the family hunting for my wifes birthday and it was a lot of fun. We ended up with a few birds so dealing with the thirty degree morning was worth it.

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