I was listening to the discussion of barometric pressure by Mr. Dickey Colburne and Mr Stelly on Lets go Fishing broadcast on 1600am KOGT, every Thursday Friday and Saturday. It got me wondering how barometric conditions truly disrupt fishing conditions. Here is a video I discovered that I think does a good job of explaining whats going on. Check out Lets go fishing on kogt, listen live by clicking the KOGT icon in the bottom of the mobile or desktop applications. Lets go fishing on KOGT. Thursdays: 6:15am & 4:15pm Fridays: 6:15am and 5:15 pm Saturdays: 6:15am. Listen to Dickey, Simon from simon outfitters and Anne over at Anne's Tackle Shop as they let the anglers know how the water conditions are affecting the bite. Lets go fishing on KOGT. www.kogt.com AM1600

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